Burgmannentage and authenticity

There is no A-check in the real sense, because we will not judge your authenticity. We are at a museum event and the museum expects all of us to do that ourselves.

How the museum envisions this can be read in more detail here: (De)

What we as a struggle orga do and offer instead:

The Schnack takes place Saturday and Sunday between 13:00 and 14:30 in a rather cozy setting as a coffee wreath in the Heydenwall camp. Contact persons for this are Freese and Henrik.
There you can talk to us about what your equipment is like. It is best if you come in the garb you want us to chat about together.
What did you think of it, does it make a coherent overall picture and how can you improve it further? What you do with it is up to you, of course.

The guiding questions about the person you are portraying are:

  • In which time does she belong?
  • Where does she come from?
  • To which social group does he belong (e.g. class, profession)?
  • To what extent is she representative (ordinary / unusual)?

However, the focus does not necessarily have to be your outfit for the battlefield, but we would also like to talk about your camp. Because the authenticity of the camps is an admittedly not so easy point, we hope here especially for your interest in the exchange to facilitate an overall quality improvement.

Shortly before the fights we will make an appearance check of the fighters, the photo-versau-check („PVC“). If we notice something that grossly contradicts our understanding of the historical picture, we will ask you to correct it directly or you are out. Those who have been to the A-Schnack will not encounter anything unexpected. For those who have not been there, it means to pay attention to the historical picture yourself.

Here are a few pointers on what does not work for us at all:

  • Fly screens, masks
  • Modern symbolism, especially excessive use of it
  • Visible plastic
  • Overproportioned or visible modern gloves
  • Fancy armor of any kind (visible leather armor or bracers)
  • extreme mixing of eras
  • abstruse gambesons (black/leather sofas)
  • absurd colors and varnishes
  • sword weapons without scabbards

At the A-Schnack, we are happy to be convinced by presented findings of new things. But that is before, not during the battle preparation. We will not discuss rules, we will decide as we see fit. We are interested in suggestions and hints for improvement. Also, for inspiration, we've put together a few sample displays that we like very much. We would be happy to see something similar at the Burgmannentage on the Huskarl Battlefield or at the Wargame.
You can find them at this link: Exemplary representations - Burgmannentage Vechta

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