The Cohort

The cohort is not to be confused with the column.

Like the column the cohort is a formation designed for speedy deploy of groups on the battlefield. Unlike the column however the formation does not end up with one big line but rather keeps the seperate subgroups that are the cohorts. This ensures increased moveability throughout the entire battle.

Compared with a traditional line the cohorts are far more independant then the sections of a line. A skilled commander for each cohort is essential. Cohorts will then allow a shorter reaction time against the opponents manouvers and allows for unexpected attacks.

There are different ways to organize a cohort depending on what you want to use it for. Most of the time you want either a cohort designed for marching or attacking.

A standard cohort could look like this:

Schematic representation: Cohort Basic Formation

R = reserve and runner
K = command
L = long weapon (spears / daneaxes)
O = shield-people (axes / one-handed spears / swords)

blue = regular fighters
black = (sub)command

  • faster group movement speed
  • easy way of adressing the cohorts: compact groups and a clearly distinguishable commander in front of it
  • easily keep up a rearguard during open movement
  • limited field of operation for the reserves
  • During the preparation time each cohort's commander should get his commands from the army's commander while an experienced fighter organizes the cohort. This can save a considerable amount of time in trainings.
  • Shortly before enganging the opponent the commander moves to a position next to, within or behind the group.
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