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-<WRAP center round todo 80%> +====== Hit the staff ====== 
- <fs 140%>   ** Translations are in progress ** </fs> +\\ 
-</WRAP> +{{:theoretisches:triff_den_stab.png?nolink|Schematic representation: hit the rod}} 
 +The trainer slowly passes a staff (such as an inverted spear) back and forth in front of him in various patterns. The trainee tries to hit the end of the staff with well-aimed and cleanly executed strokes and thrusts. 
 +Here, however, not only the precision of the hit counts, but also the entire stroke movement and posture. The hardness of the hits should also be appropriate. 
 +At the beginning, the staff can be artificially thickened, e.g. by a glove.  
 +Possible patterns are (according to difficulty): 
 +  * from right to left  
 +  * from top to bottom 
 +  * pay attention 
 +  * tangle 
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