Elbow Protector

The idea behind this elbow protector is to design a protector that can both protect and be worn openly, can also be reasonably priced and whose construction should be as simple as possible.
Here are the instructions for this protector. Just like the instructions for the glove, it is the current proposal, and we welcome criticism and suggestions for improvement. This also applies to variants of the schooner.

Photo: elbow_protector_outside Elbow protectors outside

cut pattern: elbowprotectors Elbow Protector Pattern

The leather should be at least 4 mm thick, better even thicker.
The rivets are roofing felt nails with a diameter of 3 mm.
The padding is cut out of iso-mat and then covered with fabric, which is attached with double-sided tape.

The templates as PDF

ellenbogenschuetzer_innen.jpg Elbow protectors inside

Photo: elbow_guards_outside_with_arm Elbow protectors outside with arm

Photo: elbow_guards_inside_with_arm Elbow protectors inside with arm

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