Burgmannen-Tage Vechta

Logo: Burgmannen-Tage Vechta (BMT)

Heydenwall organizes the reenactment camp at the market “Burgmannen-Tage Vechta”.

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All groups who attend the fighting activities and therefore show a mainly military representation will be collected in the fighter camp. Since the Burgmannen-Tage are not restricted to one century or local region, there is also a mix of representations of different medieval periods and regions in the fighter camp. We still pay attention to an authentic material culture within the camps and equipment of the groups.

Heydenwall is responsible for an exciting fencing program consisting of wargame, HEMA training and battle, during which we focus on two aspects. First on the mindful fighters and their fun, following of the rules as well as authentic equipment. But also on the interested audience and their entertainment as well as the transfer of knowledge, with reference to the possibilities and limits of what can be shown.

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