social rules at fighting

fair play and what we mean by it.

  • Safety first.
  • Fun at playing is the goal of playing
  • Mutual respect constitutes the game and the sport.
  • No alcohol or other drugs before or during fighting.
  • Who thinks himself unfit or otherwise not safe, doesn't fight.
  • You don't fight with persons you deem unsafe or dangerous.
  • If somebody shouts „stop“, all actions ends immediately. A „stop“ is repeated once.
  • Who falls, is out,unless nobody is in fighting distance and he stand up straight away
  • Clean hits instead of wild drubbing
  • Who makes a headshot or an injury, cares for the one he'd hit
  • Problems are to be straightened directly after a fight
  • Who got hit to hard, tells it the
  • When somebody doesn't take a hit, talk to him
  • Who argues, is out. Who argues, doesn't fight. Who fights, shall not argue.
  • the line-up is t be arranged as fast as possible.

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