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The majority of our members live in Oldenburg a small town in the north-western part of Germany. Others are scattered throughout Germany some are as far away as Lübeck, Berlin and Heidelberg. Our group's name derives from an excavation in Oldenburg the so called „Heydenwall“. This small circular rampart has probably given our hometown its name. So we named ourselves after this fortification.

We practice our fighting skills on a weekly basis in Oldenburg and welcome fighters from other groups to join us. Every two months we host a training in a forested area close to Oldenburg which is regularly attended by a number of different groups.

Most of our fighters practice the „Western Style“ fighting which you can see here at Moesgaard. Other styles such as „Eastern“, „HEMA“ or „Codex Belli“ are popular aswell and there's no restriction to just one style. Our major goal is maximizing fun for everyone involved in fighting.

Same as with different fighting styles our members recreate a number of historical periods reaching form the viking era to the late middle ages. To support a believable image clothes and objects of daily life are reconstructed manually by most of us.

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