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Heydenwall Constitution

We gave ourselves this constitution in the Constitutional Thing on 2022-06-26 after going through the consensus process with all Heydenwallis. It replaces the old constitution of 2012-01-14.


This constitution is intended to reflect how Heydenwall operates.
We give ourselves this constitution in order to create a core in the grown group that goes beyond our individual fields of vision, is common to us all and holds us together. It serves as our orientation in the group.
We want to be a living culture for the actives, who determine the way through their actions as equals among equals.
We always vote with our feet as well and support what, we think, is good with our presence and leave where it is not good for us.
To guarantee these high principles, we respect ourselves and respect each other as equals, with respect for the diversity of people.
We measure ourselves by what we leave behind, how we stand by ourselves, and how we treat those who disagree with us.

Heydenwall is a presentation and combat association for living history (Living History). In doing so, we present science-oriented martial arts, material culture, crafts as well as everyday life of past eras and are a researching community.

Heydenwallis are sincere and act on their own responsibility.
Heydenwallis see themselves as part of the group and support it.
Heydenwallis are reliable and sociable.
Heydenwallis are critical and take responsibility.
Heydenwallis live an active solidarity and face difficulties.
Heydenwallis are willing to talk and are also self-critical.
Heydenwallis are respectful and attentive to others and to themselves.
Heydenwallis set a limit to harm to themselves and others, intervening where necessary.
Heydenwallis acknowledge that people make mistakes and deal with them graciously.

Concrete for everyday life

Heydenwallis are open to new things and essay them.
Heydenwallis adhere to the standards and rules of an event as a matter of course.
Heydenwallis are allowed to be active in and be a member of other groups.

Mutual support

Heydenwallis are helpful and willing to accept help.
Heydenwallis show their appreciation.
Heydenwallis are generous with their knowledge and actively break down knowledge hierarchies.


Heydenwallis profess their allegiance to Heydenwall, have agreed with the constitution, and are committed to its contents.
Heydenwallis show that they belong to the group by a sign with a Heydenwall arch or by a clearly visible object with the Heydenwall arch.

Heydenwallis follow scientific standards and methods. They make their interpretations known and show limitations and gaps in their possibilities.
Heydenwallis are interested in scientific discourse and critically engage with their own representations.
Heydenwallis are willing to develop and unobtrusively allow others to share their skills and knowledge.

For Heydenwallis, safe handling of wielded weapons and fairness are a matter of course.
Heydenwallis are fair and respectful. Fairness even in unfair situations is also a Heydenwallis characteristic.
Heydenwallis enjoy fighting and like to fight with each other.

The usual way you can settle a conflict:

  • Remove yourself from the situation.
  • First take a deep breath yourself and calm down.
  • Make an effort to resolve the conflict yourself. Use these four steps:
    • Briefly describe the situation from your point of view in an objective way. Keep it non-judgmental.
    • Briefly describe what triggered it for you emotionally.
    • Express your needs.
    • Express your desire for a concrete solution to the conflict from your point of view.
  • If this does not lead to a solution or if you want support, get neutral help who can mediate the conflict together with you. (PVP)
  • If the conflict cannot be solved in this way, the group present or all of us together at the thing will decide by consensus how the conflict can be solved.

Bullying, ranting, blaspheming, scaring, building parties, and so on are not appropriate conflict resolution strategies and will be addressed as such.

We strive to create a co-creative community. We strive to find agreements based on consensus.

Heydenwallis are admitted by the thing unanimously.
With the commitment to the group and the acceptance of the constitution, they are then part of the group. Gross violations of the constitution lead to expulsion by decision of the thing.

Heydenwallis are self-acting and self-reliant.
Heydenwallis contribute to their own welfare and the common good through their efforts.
Heydenwallis don't wait to be taken care of, but take care of themselves.
Heydenwallis all individually contribute together to carry on the ideas of Heydenwallis and make it more pleasingly.

Orga is the person who takes responsibility and organizes for Heydenwall. Orga-actives take care of the internal and external communication.
Orga-actives organize the thing, events and projects. They are administratively or coordinatively active.
These organized activities are announced within Heydenwall so that everyone has the option to participate.
Whoever assumes the orga for an event decides which event rules should apply in advance.
The orga consults with each other and others, and announces the current issues that are in motion in Heydenwall.
Orga ideas should aim to carry something bigger than current plans. Potential growth should be factored in so that joint development and co-creation become become possible and sustainable.

Heydenwall has at least three Diplomaties. They take over representative and communicative tasks to the outside world. No further decision-making powers arise from this task, it only serves as a contactability.
Diplomats are appointed or dismissed by the thing.

The highest assembly is the common thing.


The thing takes place on pacified ground under the open sky.
All Heydenwallis are invited and upcoming topics are announced.
Those who are unable to attend may make their requests through others.
Attendance is not compulsory. Who is not there, accepts the decision of the thing until the next thing.
All Heydenwallis who want to exercise their right to vote have to bring their Heydenwall shield or their object with the Heydenwall bow with them.
The thing begins with the recitation of the Heydenwall Constitution.
The right to speak is symbolically passed on by the thing sword.
The thing Orga guides through the topics at hand.
The thing takes place regularly and also as needed.


The thing decides on:

  • The constitution by consensus.
  • The admission in Heydenwall unanimously.
  • The expulsion from Heydenwall by simple majority.
  • The appointment of diplomaties unanimously.
  • The dismissal of diplomaties by simple majority.
  • Other rules by simple majority.

All decisions are documented from the round and published.
They are valid upon publication.

Core group activists have accepted the responsibility to preserve the Heydenwall idea, which has found its expression through our constitution.
They have functioned as a council of elders.
They have been active for a long time and have also shown their drive and responsibility, as well as their sense of the Heydenwall idea, before.
The Heydenwall core group includes veteran Heydenwallis.
Active members of the core group are appointed by the core group.

Event rules: Rules pertaining to access camp and group life at an event.

Consensus: This means finding a common solution, accepted by all, for a way forward. This requires that everyone is willing to fulfill their part in the negotiation process.

Co-creation: A process in which all participants create, find and develop ideas together.

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