Axe Chess

Schematic representation: Axe Chess

Axe chess is a type of turn-based duel. Both players are equipped with axe and shield. Within a turn, only one of the two may move, using the following actions:

  • a step (both feet may move once).
  • a parry
  • one attack

However, not all actions have to be used during a turn, also the order is arbitrary.
After his turn, the player remains in his final position and it is the other player's turn, now he may finally make a parry to the attack he just made and counterattack.
Once the second player has finished his turn, it is the first player's turn again and on and on.

This exercise can also be played in threes or fours, which makes the individual rounds considerably longer, adding a not insignificant strength-conditioning component.
However, nothing changes in the range of actions. It is still only one player's turn at a time, so a round contains more moves. The order in which the players may move can of course be varied freely.

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