Observation game

Schematic representation: observation-game

For this game, the two coaches line up one behind the other, with the coach in front of the one in front. The trainer plays a clapping game with the trainer in front, which requires a little concentration. The initiative comes from the trainer who, from his position, can best judge the actions of the trainee. Meanwhile, the trainer at the back indicates numbers with his hands; at first only with one, later with both.
The learner should not get mixed up in the clapping game, but also pronounce the numbers shown. Later, the two numbers must be added together.
The clapping game can be made more and more challenging. The number-telling trainer can also position himself further to the edge of the trainee's field of vision to further challenge peripheral vision and increase the difficulty.

Since not everyone is familiar with a clapping game, here is a simple variation:

The simplest pattern consists of three different claps: first you clap your own hands, then you clap your left hands together, then you clap your own hands together again and then you clap your right hands together. Then the pattern starts again.

It can be extended by clapping the hands on the thighs and/or clapping both hands on the other person's two.

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