Schematic representation: triangle game

Two people go in a team (hunter) against a third person (wolf).
The wolf has won if one of the hunter team is eliminated. The hunters have won if the wolf is eliminated.
A person is taken out of the game by touching him with the hand (flat) on the shoulder. Defensive moves are not allowed at the beginning. The hit zones can be varied. This leads to concentration on the movement.

The hunter team practices coordination between the two team players as well as going backwards in the right direction. As a wolf, outmaneuvering the hunters is practiced.

The game is played on a limited field and the two hunters have the additional task of pushing the wolf back and not letting it pass. Thus, another possibility to win can be introduced into the game if the hunters have directed the wolf to a certain target (e.g. wall, marker, etc.).
This style of play brings spatial control strongly to the forefront. The control of the opponent over his own movements becomes more conscious.

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