The fives are the traditional beginner's exercise for the basic strokes on the opponent. With us we have shortened the stroke sequence to 4 or extended it to 6, so that the step sequences do not lead to confusion when alternating execution.

Schematic diagram: fives 4 basic_strokes

In this exercise, successive stopped punches are executed on the training partner in the following sequence: top right on the shoulder, bottom left on the thigh, bottom right on the thigh and top left again on the shoulder.
The punches on the top should hit the middle of the shoulder at a 45° angle. The strikes at the bottom should hit the middle of the thigh horizontally or slightly upwards.

In the extension of the game, the parries are then executed in addition to the strokes. These are always performed from the inside to the outside and this with the smallest possible movement paths.

Not every parry is executed. The parrying player decides which of the four parries will be omitted. This way it can be checked again if the attacks are executed cleanly and the parrying person learns to decide against instincts and habits during the fight.

Schematic diagram: fives 6 basic_strokes

In the sixes, the sequence of blows is extended by a vertical blow from above and a thrust to the belly. The blow to the head should be executed in such a way that it is stopped in time so that it cannot hit the head anymore. (We train without helmet). The thrust to the abdomen must be executed with the joints bent so that it can be yielded if necessary. The movement can be trained from the right as well as from the left.

The parries to the head should be executed either as stopping parries or as deflecting parries.

The parries of the thrust should always be performed downward and not pushed too far outward (to protect future fellow fighters in the line).

Extension 2

Again, there is the extension of omitting parries, so that the precision and safety of the attacks can be checked.

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