Basic commands exercise

The basic commands exercise is about learning the basic movements for the line fight, so that each individual and also the group is responsive during the game for the common coordination and everyone is clear with which commands what is meant.

For the basic exercise, training is done with a reduced canon. (basic commands)

Begin by lining up in closed formation.

Basic understanding of a line or cohort.

Here also explain the difference between line and line.

Shields overlap, hand supports the shield of the neighbor.
Width 70 cm per person

Everyone can still reach the neighbor with his hand.
Standard width at Heydenwall.
Width 140 cm per person.

Everyone can still reach the neighbor with the Weapon.
Width 210 cm per person

Hints what Loose Order means (Wild Rage Cloud):
No more support for the neighbors possible
High breakthrough probability with good opponents

Normal walking
Watch for slowest.

Both must be practiced

Walk fast.
Pay attention to slowest.
Watch for depth alignment.

Joint half step


Quietly walking backwards.
Paying attention to depth alignment.

Common counting and normal steps

When to stop.

Aligning left and right

These words distinguish two movements.
Out is moving purely sideways
Rum is walking around the other person.

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