Heydenwall's small tactical Game

The disputing Uruk-Hai against the elves with bleeding ears

A small tactical game we developed on a really boring market and that ist pretty usefull to talk about tactics and learn about them.

Photo: Heydenwall's small tactical Game

low figures: first line fighters, swords, axe, one-handed spears. We assume that they all have a shield, so there is no further differenciation in this.

high figures: long weapons, daneaxe and two-handed spears. It is not differenciated if they wear a shield or not.

line of sight: The vertical notch indicates the line of sight of the figures.A fighter can't react on something he can't see. Who is hit from behind, is dead immediately.

army: All figures on the field that either have a cross on them or not.

hitpoints: are marked with pieces of matches or the like on top of the figure. A „naked“ figur has one hitpoint, each pieco of matches gives an additional point to a max of two additional points.

walk: the figure moves the breadth of two fingers.

run: the figure moves the breadth of a hand. If the same figure runs several round and has then to fight, it is in the discretion of the game master to give it a penalty in fighting.

terrain: Whatever you use as a base. When a cup stands on the table you use, it is an obstacle in the game, or a narrow path, the edge of the tabel is a precipice etc.

commander: the two players, who take part in the game. Each commmands a group. For advanced players the group can be split into an arbitrary number of subgroups each commanded by an different player (given that you have enough figures and players).

If you like it really complicated, each side can nominate a general…

game master: He implements the orders the commanders give. In this he acts like he understood the orders and in the way he thinks that the thinks how the figures would behave. The GM moces teh figure on the tavel and decides where the attacs will happen. Addtionally he has to decide about boni and mali figures will get in a fighting situation . And he rules over possible if figure act on their own initiative.

fights: The fighting ability is the same for all figures. In a duel the chances are 50/50. Commanders (=Players) dice in place of their figures. The higher number wins. The figure of the loser looses one hitpoint. Nothing happens with a stalemate.
If several figures work togheter against one opponent, they geht a bonus (+1 or +2 on the dice). The size of the bonis and when it is given is in the decision of the game master. Normally the attacker gets +1 for every backing fighter he has more thant the opponent. (Nettosuccess *g*) If a long weapon is fighting against a short weapon that can't reach teh long weapon, the short weapon can only defend. Even if the short weapon has a higher dice number the long weapon doesn't looes a hitpoint. If the short weapon creeps into the reach of a long weapone, the long weapon is allowed to fight on normal (no penalties). We assume that each long weapon carries a sax and can draw it fast enough and is good with it.

before the game begins: Both players position their armies and can rearrange the as often as they like and react on the other till both are ready to begin. Both players explain their fighters (the game master) their strategy. In a game with subcommanders now is the time to coordinate.

a round: each round begins with up to three order each player can give his army. The game master will implement them as good as he understands. Generally figures that fight will not react to commands. If the game master remembers teh overall strategy explainde at the beginning, the army will try to fulfill it.
Each figure can either move (walk or run) or attac another figure during one round. Each figure can try to defend itself against all attacs it encounters.
The round end when each figure has acted .

End of game: on one side all figures are dead or fled.

Don't forget: This is a game for talking and disputing. So talk and dispute!

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