Command — Planning Tasks

Basic organization, planning and time allocations.

Important and immediately after assuming command:

  • Addressing leaders of groups belonging to own side.
    • Determine when and where meetings are to be held?
    • Determine when and where to rally the Army?
  • Personally determine how much time I need before the battle?

At the command meeting:

  • Determine tactics/tactics and discuss with group leaders.
  • Determining the name of the group
  • Discuss training exercises for own side

For the rallied army, prepare:

  • Motivational speech before the battle.
  • Explain tactics for all
  • Explain and execute training exercises for own side
  • Establish and instruct marching order
  • Group analysis (numbers and combat power)
  • Individual Conversations
  • Testing of tactical components (orders, sensitivities)
  • Own decision to command
  • Empowerment to command
  • Planning tactics alone or in small groups.
  • Individual discussions with leaders of the groups
  • Command meeting: discuss tactics and determine plan with entire command staff/group leaders.
  • Individual discussions with key functional positions (flank/center command, liaison officers).
  • Start of training
  • Line up for tactics training
  • Explain plan
  • Tactics training
  • Motivational speech
  • March line-up
  • March
  • Battle formation
  • Start of battle
  • Processual steering/logistics of the reserve
  • Show
  • Debriefing / Motivation / Thanks
  • Individual discussions
  • Command debriefing
  • Resting
  • Showing up at camp in the evening, telling stories, but not revealing tactics or over-celebrating

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