The counterattack game

Schematic representation: counterplay

In the counter game, both players are equipped with axe and shield.

For this game, players practice in pairs, with an active striking party and a passive party alternating turns. The active party strikes a blow at the partner, who adds a parry to it and from it executes the simplest possible counterattack on a nakedness in the opponent, which ends in a freeze after the blow is executed. After that, a round is over, the roles are exchanged and both partners return to the starting position.

Explanation 2

The trainer slowly executes an attack on the person learning, making an effort to cover well. The learner can then counter the attack and perform an attack in turn. The trainer does not change his cover and lets himself be hit if necessary. Then both go back to their starting position and the trainer starts again.

  • Speed
  • The counterattack game can also be played by three players. In this case, all can fight against each other or two stand together and one is attacked while the other executes the counterattack.

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