The push game

Schematic representation: The pushing game

The two opponents face each other with outstretched arms and press with the palms of their hands against the shoulders of the opponent. The object of the game is to unbalance one's opponent by building up or releasing pressure. Running back and forth is encouraged in the process.

To be learned: The correct stance, the correct alignment when pressing, physical proximity to combat opponents (regardless of gender, fairness here means equal treatment), that the middle can exert more pressure and that one's own body size is not necessarily important.

The game can be extended to include evasive steps to the sides.

Learn to be: Special and constant consideration for his opponent, the correct walking and standing, not to give up even in a disadvantageous situation.

Schematic representation: the pushing game variant 3
The two opponents face each other again in a deep stance, but now the palms are placed on top of each other.
By pushing or easing on the palms of the opponent's hands, they should now try to bring their counterpart off balance. To do this, the pair does not necessarily have to move from the spot.

To be learned: The use of the hip, the use of the strong and weak side of the body, and the idea of deliberate release of pressure (equivalent to the maneuver in the line).

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