Sensor games

Schematic representation: sensor games
These game variations can be used to gain improved weapon and shield awareness.

A shield bearer with his eyes closed is faced by someone with a spear, who then applies pressure with the shaft to the edge of the shield at various points. The shield bearer must then maintain his guard and move the shield in the direction from which the pressure is coming.

The game of variant 1 can be extended and thus made more demanding by allowing the shield bearer to overrun the spearman and to get a weapon in his hand. The shield bearer has to take care to keep the connection to the spear and to strike carefully.
The overrunner then has the task of maintaining control of the situation so as not to endanger the trust of the shield bearer.

A completely different variant of the game is also possible, in which two spearmen or one-handed spearmen face each other and establish a bond between their weapons. One of the two then closes his eyes and must now fend off the attacks of the other. The bond must not be broken in the process.

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