What does the command

by Friedrich

I was asked the other day, “What does the command actually do?” I would like to explain here, as briefly as I can, what from my point of view, the main command of a site does.

These are basically the following 3 tasks: Fungineer, Overview, Lead

A composition of Fun and Engineer (generate fun). This means that the main command motivates the people of the site, if possible provides everyone with a position that is fun, challenges them, but does not overburden them (noticeable self-efficacy).

Free the page from the task of the overview! This means that the groups and fighters can take care of their task without worrying until a new task comes along. Not to have to look around and to orientate themselves, because behind you someone stands and still makes “Möp Möp” and thus is sure that everything is okay back there.

This means preparing, bringing about, or making decisions before and in battle, providing orientation (when to line up, where and how/when to go, what to do). Depending on the possibility, this is an own or a joint decision. In battle, almost always one's own.

Most of it is sorting/ structuring and motivating.

It is not possible to determine everything. That's why it's necessary to form groups and not to intervene in the groups, or to intervene very little. To find or determine contact persons with these groups. And then to assign tasks to these groups, as if they were individuals, according to their abilities. XY to the right, Z to the right, and R to the reserve. All ready? Even the other side? And go. And always, even just in battle, motivate. Negative things demotivate. Questions make you think. Both nothing for or during a battle. So don't do that. Saying positive things. Doing. Do. Do.

Reinforce strengths - hold weaknesses.

That's it.

And -


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