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Photo: collar from the front

Collar from the front

Photo: Collar from behind

Collar from behind

|cut pattern: neck part

Pattern neck part

cut pattern: shoulder part

Pattern shoulder part

The neck piece and the shoulder piece are each cut out three times: once from upholstery fabric (e.g. the popular Ikea rag rugs) and twice from fabric (top fabric and bottom fabric).

First, three collars are sewn: One from upholstery, two from fabric. The procedure is as follows: The respective neck and shoulder pieces are sewn together at the dash-dot line so that the rest overlaps. To ensure the best fit, the two pieces are placed on top of each other at the centre line (marked with a dashed line) and the seam is started there. So always sew from the front to the back.

The three collars, which are now still separate, are then brought together at the seams to be joined. This is best done with another seam, but it can be very rough.

At the end, the edges are hemmed. I left the inner layer of fabric larger for this purpose so that I could do the serging directly with this fabric. Alternatively, a strip of fabric can be sewn around the edge for serging.

On the back the two sides overlap, which side overlaps is not important. I made the connection with a wooden toggle so that the collar can be washed easily.

More padding can be added in the area of the larynx. I have inserted an oval reinforcement. It is also possible to insert leather, but then the collar can be washed less easily.

print template collar01 neck

print template collar01 shoulder

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