Individual training

Training games and methods to train alone.

This page is intended to show ideas for individual training and exercises.

Lesson Objective:
Exercise to improve punching and thrusting accuracy, as well as precision of punching and thrusting strength for horizontal and shallow-angled punches.

The exercise can be performed at different levels of difficulty.

Photo: Exercise set-up for a spear

Basic setup:
Place a full 1.5 l bottle with a Banner (e.g. Coke bottle label) on a solid surface, for example on a table. The band should not be too wide, about 7 cm is good.
Now stand facing the bottle as if you were facing an opponent. Make sure you have as good a posture as possible. Then try to hit the band with a regular strike with the training weapon without the bottle falling over.
When training with the one-handed weapon, the shield should also be carried in order to directly get used to a suitable stance with weapon and shield.

When a round with 10 hits in a row has been completed, the level of difficulty can be increased.

Extensions of the exercise: (sorted by difficulty)

  • Gradually lower the level of the bottle to 5 cm.
  • Move slowly around the bottle with neatly executed steps during the strokes.
  • Quickly turn your head to the left or right after each blow or thrust. (Take the target out of focus).
  • Set up more than one bottle with different levels.
  • Stitch on the band. (The power transfer of a stab is much stronger than that of a punch).
  • Move quickly past the bottles.
  • For two-handed weapons: Change the guide hand before each stab.

So many bottles 😛

So many bottles 😛

Photo: practice setup for a group training spear

photo: exercise setup for danish axe

Lesson Objective:
Safe hitting of the hit zones with natural strikes despite a lateral restriction.

Basic setup:
Hang a gambeson on a hanger in the door frame. Then try to hit the different hit zones. The gambeson must not fall down and the door frame should not be touched. When training with the one-handed weapon, the shield should also be carried in order to get directly used to moving with weapon and shield.

When practising with the Danish axe, the door frame is only suitable to a limited extent because of the overhanging blows from above. Outdoors, hung on a carpet pole or on a shed, the exercise goes quite well.

Lesson Objective:
Strengthen the muscles in the forearm → protect ligaments and joints as well as more control over the strokes.

Execution: Extend the arms forward and clench the hands into fists and open them again. It is crucial that the focus is on opening the hands and that the hand is really completely stretched. Otherwise only the muscles on the inside of the arm are trained. Start with about 50 repetitions and increase to 80-100. You can vary this by either pointing the thumbs inwards or upwards, or stretching the arms out to the side or above the head.

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