Functions in the line

In the line, individual combatants can take on various functions. These „jobs“, „tasks“ or „roles“ are taken by the combatants consciously or unconsciously in the line.

In the following, we have attempted to outline these individual functions.

Good fighters are able to change jobs even during the game. They recognize in the concrete situation in which role they are more useful to their own group. (For example: line fighters who become runners in the face of a suitable gap, or second line fighters who take command when the old command retires…)

Functions in the line:

Suitable equipment: Melee weapons, one-handed spear & also Dane axes.
Main Task: Form a stable section in the line.
Advanced task: Protect the second line.

Suitable equipment: Melee weapons, one-handed spear & Dane axes.
Main Task: Build or intercept pressure in their section of the line.
Advanced task: Protect the second line, make kills, catch runners in case of need.


  1. Maintain discipline despite „stress“, pay attention to the voice of command.

Suitable equipment: Two-handed spear.
Main Task: Make up for first row problems or get the attack rolling.
Extended task: making kills and coordinating the first line.


  1. Responding flexibly to gaps in the opponent's line and to weaknesses and strengths of your own

Suitable equipment: Dane axe.
Main task: build pressure, support spears, spread fear, intercept runners.
Extended task: make kills, spread fear, plug holes or use.

Suitable equipment: Melee, one-handed spear, spear & Dane axe.
Main task: prevent the line from pushing in at the edge, or push in themselves if all is safe.
Advanced task: pass the runners to the rear guard.

Suitable equipment: Melee, one handed spear & Dane axe, stamina, agility, overview. (No, not everyone brings this with them).
Main Task: Causing chaos, disrupting the enemy's overview, tying up resources.
Advanced task: Run around or break through the enemy line and stab the enemy in the back, but also chase runners yourself, because the waiting position is where they come through anyway.

Suitable equipment: Melee, one handed spear & Dane axe, stamina, agility, overview (have to catch the runners eventually).
Main task: intercept runners, or redirect them.
Advanced task: Reserve?

Suitable equipment: Close combat, one handed spear, Dane axe & two handed spear, ability to understand what the commander wants.
Main Task: replace positions that are lost, serve as a tactical tool for the commander
Advanced task: react to the mistakes of others, help intercept runners but only when asked by the command (they are standing around back there anyway).

Suitable Equipment: One-handed spear, spear, Dane axe, No armor, stamina, agility, overview. (No, not everyone brings this with them).
Main task: Causing chaos in the opponent's formation, Disrupting the opponent's overview, Decreasing the opponent's stamina.
Advanced task: To be a runner, but this is secondary, because in skirmish missions a closed formation of the opponent is assumed.

Suitable equipment: Close combat, heavy equipment, large shields.
Main Task: Pushes through enemy line in closed formation, allowing others to get through (splash effect), builds pressure and pulls others along.
Extended task: Be a Runner (but it usually doesn't come to that).

Suitable equipment: loud and piercing voice, confident demeanor, fighter who also carries out orders, personal weapon unimportant and in small lines a two handed spear is an advantage
Main task: Keeping an overview and coordinating the line with clearly defined and generally understandable commands, deciding during the fight how to proceed.
Extended task: makes suggestions for tactics, motivates the combatants.

Suitable equipment: A clearly recognisable standard.
Main task: Indicate where the assembly point is, stand approx. 5 metres behind the command, indicate the commands with the standard.
Extended task: Carry water. If permitted, pay attention to those walking around, otherwise remain silent.

Appropriate equipment: Melee weapons
Main task: Passing on orders over long distances, motivating groups to attack, collecting feedback and observations and reporting to command
Extended task: Repel runners, own initiative as command

Suitable equipment: Melee weapons, Danish axe
Main task: Securing the commander against runners
Extended task: Observing the battle. Special intervention.

Suitable equipment: Doesn't matter. A shield is an advantage.
Main task: Look dead, don't talk and protect yourself.
Extended task: If permitted, move away from the battlefield as quickly as possible.

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