The Column

The Column's primary use is to quickly move groups at the beginning of the game. It allows to dominate the game during the first seconds while the armies get into formation.
The column is a marching formation.

After arrival at the designated position on the battlefield the column turns into a line. (See last picture on this side.)
The overall tactic can employ several columns to move fighters around and end up with the desired line.

The following picture shows a standard column.

Schematic representation: Column Basic Formation

R = reserve and runner
K = command
L = long weapon (spears / daneaxes)
O = shield-people (axes / one-handed spears / swords)

blue = regular fighters
black = (sub)command

  • faster group movement speed
  • controlled group movement even with inexperienced fighters
  • The commander needs a 5 m headstart, if he's running in front of the column.
  • If the column is walking, the commander can walk beside the first two fighters. Time for a little chat or last instructions.
  • Speed up the reforming by telling your fighters to assemble behind the first two fighters in the same order every time. (Not during a battle, between linefights in training.)
  • Shortly before enganging the opponent the commander moves to a position next to, within or behind the group.

Schematic representation: Column changed to a Line

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