Leading small groups

Leading small tactical units.
Handout of the command course on 07-10-2011 at the Great Shaft (HIKG) by Friedrich Hinrichs von Heydenwall.

Leading small groups (De)

  1. What is small group in free fencing?
  2. What is tactics?
  3. What is leadership?

A small group is the unit on the field that fights together and receives and executes independent orders from the main command. It is usually between 10 and 30 in size. A small group has its own leadership. A small group is usually made up of a training group or a combat alliance.

  • The art of deploying a group in an appropriate order of battle.
  • The coordinated application of all the resources of a group to achieve the specific objective. Coordinated is the fighting force and method, related to place and time.

Communication, movement and combat power

Trainer, coordinator/motivator, spokesperson. plan, coordinate, control, communicate!
Making decisions!

„Know what's going on,
do what works. „

Much of this requires experience, which must be gained through constant training.

To determine the combat power and type, relative to place and time.

The guidance to develop the operational capabilities of the group.

Training a group with an event in mind.

Establish chain of command Weapons check
Reporting to the main command
Planning with the main command
Informing about the plan and what may follow.

Organize the group (deployment)
Motivation puschen

Steps of commanding

  • Determining the situation and possibilities.
  • Planning of actions, search for victory
  • Commanding
  • Control of the execution

Commands should be: Brief, Understandable, Distinguishable, and Addressed. Give orders when there may be doubt about what to do. This provides security and peace of mind.

To be noted: Those in combat attachment are more difficult to address.

Phases of combat

Phase 1: First meeting - First clash - Winning the first initiative.
Phase 2: Second encounter - Keeping or gaining the second initiative.
Phase 3: Clean up (Clear the Fields/ Chaos Zone)

Initiative is the activity that is not a reaction solely for defensive purposes.

Follow up: What happened?
What can individuals do better?

→ Before the event

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