Common commands

It has become apparent to us that some commands, which are used over and over again, are not implemented from the modern understanding in such a way that the desired result comes out. Therefore, here is an attempt to put them into words.

Furthermore it has been shown with us:

  • It makes sense to make commands short, concise, consistent and comprehensible.
  • It is important that commands are not too similar in language, that special commands are practiced beforehand, that the addressee is made clear (line, flank, group xy or name call) and that commands are confirmed by the group.

An important command that does not fit into the list below is „Stop „.
„Stop“ is called when someone is seriously injured or there is some other serious problem. Everyone repeats the „Stop“ once and all fighting stops. „Stop“ should not be confused with halt (see below).

Line basic commands
Line! Position to the line. In doing so, each person aligns himself between the two outer persons and takes an equal distance to his two neighbors.
Get ready Get ready. (For whatever) the talking is stopped, the lineup is taken
Shields - up Turn the shields towards the opponent in protective posture (ready for battle). This is to be done synchronously on the „up“
Shields - down Hold shields in relaxed posture (mostly at the side).
Shieldwall Shield Wall Formation.
Open order Everyone line up for free combat in loose formation so that your own hand just reaches the next person.
Wide Open order The distance between the combatants is so wide that one's own weapon just reaches the next person.
Loose orderThe fighters keep a distance that they can support their fellow fighters when they take one or two steps. There is no formation or line in the real sense
Closed order The shields of the first line overlap. The weapon side overlaps the shield side of the neighbor, the weapon hand supports the shield of the neighbor, the elbow of the shield hand also supports the shield and if necessary is stabilized by the front leg below.
Incoming! (Arrows) Face down and protect the head and then anything else sticking out of the shield. The two-handed weapons fighters can take cover behind the front line.
Dress the line The line is aligned to the right and left, the distance between each other is brought to the same distance. The shields should be at the same depth / there should be no curves in the line
Dress right The line or the addressed group part moves to the right without going forward or backward
Dress left The line or the addressed group part moves to the left without going forward or backward.
Basic movement commands
One Step Forward - March (and forward)All advance one secured half step. (Secured half step means that the step starts with the front foot from the basic position and then the back foot is followed so that the step ends back in the basic position.)
Slow Forward - March [:and forward:] On March, everyone takes a half step forward in the basic stance so that everyone ends back in the basic stance (keeping formation while doing this). [:Each „forward“ is followed by another half step:]
Forward - Go All go forward in a common run (keep formation while doing so)
Fast Forward - Go Fast forward walking (keeping formation while doing so)
Fast! Whatever - make it faster!
Stand still! The group stops and aligns itself!
On the spot (Mark time) - Go All run on the spot / pretend to run.
Right wheel The right side of the formation walks on the spot, while the left side moves forward at marching speed. Everything in between stays in line with the two outside points.
Left wheel The left side of the formation walks on the spot while the right side advances at marching speed. Everything in between stays in line with the two outer points.
Commands for battle
Prepare to attack Everyone gets ready for the attack.
Attack The attack is executed. (Often this is combined with a forward movement.)
Standfast The group should hold their position. If necessary, gaps must be evened out by having everyone in the first row even out the gaps among themselves.
Fall back The formation drops back during the confrontation.
Charge The attack is executed, combined with a fast forward movement. This is done in loose order.
Push and Forward (Push) The formation increases the forward pressure during fencing by attacking together while advancing.
Special Movement Orders
Left turn Everyone turns 90° to the left.
Right around Everyone turns 90° to the right.
Turn around Everyone turns 180° to the left.
Commands to a formation
Advance The whole formation advances in its order. Usually this happens at single marching speed.
In Position A previously announced position or formation is to be reached.
Retreat The group retreats in its formation until it reaches a distance or position that cannot be directly attacked.
Chaos Everyone runs for his own life. Chaos is created.
Fold Up The flanks fold up without losing the connection to the front and as fast as possible.
Switching Line The group absorbs the pressure of the enemy group and retreats fighting - then builds up the pressure again.
Dikes The group takes the pressure of the opposing group and directs it to the second line - then it builds up the pressure again.
Right Around The formation tries to go around the opponent on the right side in order to hit him in the back.
Left around The formation tries to run around the opponent on the left in order to fall into his back.
And out The formation splits in the middle and runs around the opponent on both sides.
Stay calm Everything goes as it should. - Keep cohesion - stay together - keep playing
Double line (only when line is closed) From the first row, every second person takes a step backwards. Corrections are made if necessary.
Re-form The basic formation is resumed.
Spears Down The spearmen put down their spears so that they are no longer visible outside the formation
Mirror Formation The entire formation is rearranged. All positions that were on the right are now on the left and vice versa. Anyone who was standing to the right of you before is now to the left of you. Teams may deviate from this in individual cases. Mirroring is always done at the center line.
Mirroring lineup The entire lineup is rearranged. All groups that were on the right are now on the left and vice versa. Mirroring is always done at the center line (a group that is in the center stays in the center).
Swarm Out The entire group takes up as much space as possible, and everyone moves apart in loose order.
Overrun them The group moves quickly towards the enemy and fights the other group down.
Secure Position The group stays at the position and secures the area
I am in/out A fighter logs in or off with the respective group leaders, so that the group leaders know at any time how many and which fighters they are currently leading.
We „group name“ are in/out A group leader reports the group with the number of fighters and the number of long weapons to the respective central command. So that this knows roughly how many groups in which strength are led under the command. If the group has significantly increased or decreased in strength, this is also reported.
Calls of individual combatants
Shield/ Spear/ Dane Axe Calling on a Shield/ Spear/ Dane Axe fighter from the reserve to intervene in the place of the caller. The reserve always decides for itself where to intervene!
reinforcements Call to the reserve. The reserve always decides itself where it intervenes!
I am ready Request to remain calm and, if necessary, make room for the supply. The supply goes in defensive posture into the necessary position.
Swap Ready Message from a reserve that it is ready for swap and that a swap out can be requested.
Excange Requesting the reserve to perform a substitution.
Excange ready Request to perform the substitution. The frontline fighters retreat to the right, if possible, and the supply moves into the gap from the left in a defensive posture.
attention spear / Dane axe Warning of a spear / Dane axe
I give up! Request to the opponent to capture one (for show purposes). Lower your weapons and be out of the game without being overcome.
Non-combat related prompts
Water break everyone takes a break for about 5-7 min. Weapons and shields remain on the battlefield. Shields are placed, handle down, at their own position in the formation, weapons are placed on the shield. Long arms place their weapons on the shields, of the fighters in front of them
air break All pause for about 1-2 min. The shields are placed with the grip down, at their own position in the formation, weapons are put down or sheathed. All remain near their position so that groups can be addressed.
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