Workshop: Training through games

held in Moesgaard 2016-07-28

Individual (1 person), Teams (2-5 persons) or Groups (3-40 persons) should aquire the following specific competence areas.

  • Position / speed (which movements lead to the desired outcome)
  • Technique (which movements lead to the desired outcome)
  • perception, decision and communication (what happens and how should I react)
  • Power Management (when to use how much energy)
  • Mind-Set (Motivation and initiative, how confident are actions carried out, what mood is adopted)

This results in the following matrix of abilities

position technique decision power mindset
  • creating controlled situations for individuals (everything except for the individual fight is artificial)
  • replication of specific situations (no articifial elements)
  • Motivation for specific situations (artificial elements or rouls create specific motivations and situations)
    • boat game (to motivate individual breakthroughs)
    • coupletherapy (to learn to protect your neighbour)
    • Kill the king (to eliminate specific opponents)
  • Orientation im context of the overall situation (no artificial elements)
    • runnerstorm (to orient and communicate within a group)
    • four kings (to use distance and space as specific aspects of the fight)
    • Circle of dishonour (for controlling space and victory strategies for chaos)
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