Long weapons rusch over

Schematic representation: Long weapons rusch over

In this exercise, a shield fighter must perform an overrun manoeuvre on a long weapon.

First, the spear positions itself at a fixed point. The attacking shield bearer first positions himself at an external weapon distance to the spear so that he is forced to parry its attacks. Then it is up to the shield bearer to take the initiative and close the distance.
The other trainers can form a queue in line parallel to the action and observe and comment on the actions of their fellow combatants.

The long gun can act in 4 defence modes, which make it difficult for the defectors in different ways:

  1. Standing
  2. light attack
  3. running backwards
  4. parry
  5. Running backwards and parrying

Spear Hunting.
Here the close combatant competes alone against two long weapons.

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