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Red card

After the discussion avoider has found its friendly use in the historical martial arts area for many years, I have now developed a measuring card design for the sporting area - „The Red Card“. On the one hand, I always wanted to make area fairs possible, and on the other hand, I found the idea of a fairly inexpensive to print red card appealing. I also give these away to people who care about the safety of their equipment and strive to spread the standard of safe sports equipment.

How the tool is built.

External dimensions Large radii

drawing: red card outer dimensions large radii

Openings for area measurement Each 1 cm².

drawing: Red Map Openings for Area Measurement


drawing: red card notches

Here is the Red Card 3D print template for use under Creative Commons license.



Pictogram: Creative Commons License
Red card 3D Print Template from Heydenwall (Friedrich) Is licensed under one Creative Commons Attribution - Noncommercial - Share Alike 4.0 International License.

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