Runner workshop 2023.03.03

workshop instructors: Mikkel Mønsted, Mads Kristensen

Course instructor notes

  • Knowing your function
    • And knowing your worth
  • How to move
  • Where to strike
    • Communication and planning
    • Bait and switch – looking like a treat
    • Embrace the chaos
  • How to get through a line
    • And what now
  • Making a runner group
    • How many
    • Weaponry
    • Communication in the group
  • And what should the Line do
  • Lead by example – take your hits!
  • Line fighting
  • Skærm (shielded/screen)
  • Full chaos

Where are you in relation to the situation?
Are you in the line, behind your own lines or behind enemy lines?
Are you in the screen, behind the screen or behind enemy lines?
Are you in the chaos or on the edge of chaos?

For example, when going through the line, it can be effective to adopt a trigger with yourself. Such as: as soon as the Daneaxe fighter takes a hit - run!
Not necessarily something that needs to be practiced, but we can review the principle.

Wrap up the opponent, keep your distance. You need to sacrifice some efficiency to ensure your survival – in other words, fight more like a real fight because you're worth far more alive than those you're fighting dead.
This is difficult for most reenactors because they want kills so badly. It takes practice. This is also the argument against “butt-surfing” – you would never do it in real life.
It's also good in two-on-one, i.e. you have a partner.

Liberate/outflank. Give help to your own line by attacking on the outside to give advantage so that fighters from your line can more easily win the flank. When it rolls, you can run again, either to a screen or to another liberate.

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