The U-Cohort

A standard U-Cohort look like this:

Schematic representation: Cohort Basic Formation

R = reserve and runner
K = command
L = long weapon (spears / daneaxes)
O = shield-people (axes / one-handed spears / swords)

blue = regular group
gray = (sub)command

  • faster group movement speed
  • easy way of adressing the cohorts: compact groups and a clearly distinguishable command in front of it
  • easily keep up a rearguard during open movement
  • limited field of operation for the reserves
  • During the preparation time each cohort's commander should get his commands from the army's commander while an experienced fighter organizes the cohort. This can save a considerable amount of time in trainings.
  • Shortly before enganging the opponent the commander moves to a position next to, within or behind the group.
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